Icey Cool Thanda Tel

Icey Cool Oil is a medicated oil crafted with a mixture of natural ingredients namely Brahmi, JapaPushp, Karchoor, Bhringraj, Latakasturi, Karpoor, and Amla which are scientifically proven to reduce your headache, stress and anxiety. It’s not just an oil but an Ayurvedic treatment for your head.
Imagine days with lot of work pressure in office, tied-up schedule at home or lot of mental and physical exercise in school, the day gets tiring irrespective of the age group, that’s when The Icey Cool oil comes to your rescue. The oil comes with a boost of menthol to give you an unparalleled massage experience. Pick up that bottle of joy and treat yourself with a relaxing champi.

Available in 2 different sizes: 100 ml | 300 ml

M.R.P                                          ₹ ​65​/- | ₹ ​150​/-