Icey Cool Talcum Powder

The Icey Cool Talcum Powder is your saviour that keeps you fresh &active in hot and humid summers. Icey Cool Thanda recharge comes in four exciting fragrances viz. Lemon, Lavender, Deo Talc and Regular Herbal Prickly Heat Powder.
The powder is crafted with herbal and natural ingredients to suit every skin type and prevent the body from any irritation or bad odour. The four refreshing fragrances make you smell new every time you step out of your abode.The product is anti perspirant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to make sure that you are safe while you enjoy the fragrance and freshness of this rich talcum powder range.This Thanda Recharge ensures a cold punishment to the hot summery weather.

Available in 4 different sizes: 20 gms  | 100 gms  | 150 gms | 300 gms

M.R.P                                            ₹ 10/-  |     ₹ 46/-   |  ₹ 70/-     |  ₹ 110/-