All of us would agree that we do not welcome summer the way we welcome winters, except forgetting excited about adding ice-creams in the dessert list and wearing shorts on lazy Sundays. Whereas, summers are too hot to handle and remaining fresh in this scorching heat becomes a knee-breaking task.

Let’s see how can we stay fresh and party-ready even after long working hours. Things to follow for a happy summer:

  1. Drink water- A minimum intake of 7-9 glasses is required in a day to keep the body full of water and energised.
  2. Keep the sweat away- Usually, it’s not summer that bothers most of us. It’s the sweat that irritates. It not only disturbs you but the people around, too. In that particular case, use deodorants which are long lasting and sweat proof. The range of Deodorants from Icey Cool keeps you recharged and rejuvenated. It comes with two different fragrances: Force & Recharge, both come with a promise of long lasting and attractive fragrance.
  3. Say yes to exercise- It is summer and even the early morning rays are not bearable but we have to make sure that these factors do not stop us from following our exercise routine. Opt for some indoor activities and sports. For example, switch to water sports like swimming for the benefits that are associated with this sport.
  4. Wet towel- After wet wipes, it is turn for wet towelto rule the trend. This technique is extremely effective and doesn’t cost you anything. You just need to soak your hand towel and place it on a tray. Place them in a freezer afterwards. You can also add some essential oil in water. Now, keep that towel with you the entire day and enjoy the coolness. The wet towel will help you stay cool and fresh,all day long.
  5. Ice-covered Fan- When your boss says no for an air conditioner, make your own. This summer, just place an ice bucket in front of your mini portable fan and make the air cooler. This technique won’t raise your electricity bill but will surely raise your coolness factor.